C+P THESE Eats: October 11, 2017

Dear NOM Diary,


A cup of coffee + coconut milk
(Even though I’m an intermittent faster, I still have a cup of coffee every morning with a little bit of creamer–my recent kick is coconut milk, approx. 3oz.)


Sautéed kale (1.5oz) with fried eggs (1) + strawberries (5) + banana (1) + homemade pickle (1)
(Fast broken at 11:30 A.M.)


Now time for the recipes!!

It’s fall, so our house is swimming with different winter squashes, so the base to our dinner is a massive spaghetti squash. It’ll be topped with this Apple and Kale Meatball + Apple Tahini Sauce — delicious! As a side, I got two bunches of delicious, colorful carrots at the farmer’s market, and found this awesome recipe for Baked Garlic Carrots.

(Fast begins at 7:00 P.M.)


  • A serving of minimally-processed, oven-roasted turkey cold cuts (2oz) from Aldi.
  • Blackberries (20) and strawberries (5).


Today’s theme seems to be kale, huh?

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