“It’s Not About The Destination…”

… It’s about the journey.” —Briohny Smyth, yogi

I am not a dietitian.

Nor am I a nutritionist, personal trainer, or athlete.

Now that, that’s out of the way.

Hello world!

CTRL+C My Eats™ is as much an inspirational food/meal blog for visitors as it is an accountability blog for me; just your average gal who, at the beginning of 2017, weighed 20+ pounds too much, and needed a change.

A little more background: I am an avid My Fitness Pal user (yay 250+ day streak!) and the only semi-rigid “diet” plans I follow are thus– Intermittent Fasting (16/8), low grain carbs, and—most important to me—meat on the side. Other than that, I tend to apple-pick (heh– pun intended) from the Paleo, Mediterranean, and Whole30 regimens).

If you’re asking yourself what this blog is about, here, let me tell you… My Fitness Pal is great. It really is. But I’ve never liked the interface, and it puts a whole heck-of-a-lot of focus on calories, calories, calories. It doesn’t leave me with room to save (and share) recipes that I cook. So, it not only will hold me accountable, broadcasting what allllllll my meals look like, but I hope it’ll help others looking to shed a few LBs get an idea of what has helped me be (relatively) successful.

So, you’ll find a daily recap of my meals, the recipes I’ve used, and the workouts I partake in. Stay tuned! We’re about to get well-fed and sweaty 🙂


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